CEO of FBSO Site Uses REALTOR® To Sell His Home

CEO claims that his site was never meant for high value property.

Al Bennati the CEO of wants you to list your house himself. His website claims the following:

  • a real estate revolution
  • the old model is broken
  • broad exposure – just like a professional real estate website without the cost

LIES LIES LIES – because the CEO and founder of this service is now listing his personal home with a REALTOR®.

In a statement Bennati said ” To sell a home of this magnitude it needs to be done by a person and a company that reaches buyers of this caliber.”  So in other words is own company isn’t good enough to sell his own property – but he wants you to trust it with your home.

He’s saying his company isn’t a company that reaches buyers of this caliber so what is the caliber of buyer? What is the threshold that they can handle? What he is really saying is the company he founded to make it more affordable to sell property doesn’t reach buyers.

Seriously why would you trust a website and basic service like this to list and sell your home when it’s own founder and CEO doesn’t trust it? It doesn’t matter the price of the home – these sites are not a high enough caliber to attract buyers period – let alone buyers that are ready and willing to buy. And it doesn’t matter what amount of commission you may be saving when your house sits on the market – without attracting buyers.

When the housing market grew in the mid 2000s, many of these list your own property site came up.  Guess what not many are standing – because time and again it has been proven that selling your home is much more complicated than just putting a sign in the year and placing an online ad.  It takes experienced sales people who understand pricing, home valuation, negotiations, and disclosures to sell property.

You need a REALTOR® – and in Hampton Roads you need a Rose & Womble agent who not only understands our market but is backed by Hampton Roads Number One selling and listing company.