Balancing Real Estate and Fatherhood

How Rose & Womble Realty Company REALTOR® Aaron Davis grows his real estate career and stays hands-on with his son.

Peninsula Office REALTOR® Aaron Davis became a real estate agent because it was a job that offered flexibility to spend time with his son, who is also named Aaron.  The key is time management.

“At my old job I could barely see him because by the time I got home it was time for him to go to bed.  Now I can set up my schedule to pick him up at school spend time doing homework or we hangout, go to the park.  Then after he’s in bed I can go back to work,” said Aaron.

Sometimes he brings his son into the office or to meet with clients, so long as the client is comfortable with it and sometimes it’s beneficial.

“He’s actually tagged along and it’s helpful if a client has kids around his age.  They can play with each other and that helps so the clients and I can get to work.  It’s flexible and very rare that a client doesn’t understand if I have to bring him or if I need to arrange for a sitter.”

Little Aaron Davis shows off his dad's business card.
Little Aaron Davis shows off his dad’s business card.

Aaron and his son enjoy spending time together hanging out.  That is one of the aspects of the job Aaron loves the most – he can take an afternoon off to take his son to the movies or Busch Gardens.  He can be an involved parent.

“My favorite part of watching him grow up is to see him learning and grow.  He takes me back to that age and how I was and he gets so excited about learning something new at school. As he gets older it amazes me how fast he catches on to things.”

If you’re a parent thinking about starting a career in real estate Aaron offers this advice, “Make sure you have help or some type of support system you can count on to watch or pick up your child.  I have family in the area that I can call on.”

“The work is worth it because this career offers me control of my time and hours.”

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