Agent Spotlight: Jessica Fitzwilliam and Stormee Pettett

Rose & Womble Greenbrier agents Jessica Fitzwilliam and Stormee Pettett have embraced a bygone era to showcase their military relocation knowledge. Using Rosie the Riveter as inspiration, these Patriotic Girls are supporting military families in a classic and iconic way.

“I’m not exactly sure how we came up with the whole idea. We knew that with all the military in this area we had to stand out in the market to showcase our knowledge of the military experience, “ Stormee says.

Both ladies have strong ties to the military. Stormee’s husband, Wren, is currently deployed on the USS Carterhall. Jessica and her husband Matt were both in the Navy and served on the USS Truman.

“Military families really trust professionals who understand the experience of living in the military,” Jessica says. “Military spouses become a tribe when the spouse is away.”

In their marketing efforts the Patriotic Girls decided to invest in billboards that invoked the classic Rosie campaign. These will be places outside Little Creek and Norfolk Naval Station. They are also working with the Rose and Womble IT team to create a website and are planning direct mail pieces.

Their ultimate goal is to focus on becoming a resource for members of the Hampton Roads military community looking for great listings and homebuyers.

“I’ve lived in military housing and know the challenge that transitioning from that to private home ownership can be like. I bought my first investment property at 19 because I knew the value of real estate investment,” says Stormee.

The pair met while attending Alpha Real Estate College and from the beginning they felt a connection. They also met RW’s Director of Career Development, Kristian Livernois, and the Greenbrier Managing Broker, David Drogus at an Alpha event. They credit that meeting for wanting to join the company.

“It just clicked and after meeting Kristian and David we knew this was the company for us,” Stormee says. “Kristian was just so personable and every time we run into him he still makes us feel like we’re his number one recruits.”

Jessica adds, “ David is all about improving himself and his agents. The support we receive from him for our careers is so important. “