6 Signs It’s Time to Sell

It’s a Seller’s Market

Let’s start with one of the most obvious reasons to sell: It’s a seller’s market, which means you stand to make a nice profit on your property.

The price per square foot for real estate has increased and the amount of time properties stay on the market has dramatically decreased, making now a good time to think about selling up.

Local Homes Are Selling for a Lot

Check online real estate listings in your neighborhood, and pay attention to the “just sold” postcards in your mailbox to keep track of comparable home prices in your area.

When home buyers are making offers fast—for as much or more than sellers are asking—it’s a seller’s market. A buyer may offer you a sales price you can’t refuse, too.

You’re Financially Stressed

Not everyone sells their real estate in order to
pad their bank account. Some homeowners underestimated their ongoing housing costs and simply sell to ease their mortgage burden, or to cash in their equity and use it for other purposes.

You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Life happens—new jobs, children, divorce, death, serious illness—and the home you are in today may no longer meet your needs. It’s bittersweet to give up the memories you’ve made in your home, but

if your living quarters are causing you stress rather than comfort, take the leap and sell so you can move into something that better suits you.

You’re Tired of Home Maintenance

The average homeowner shells out $2,000 a year for scheduled maintenance services such as landscaping, snow removal, septic service, private trash and recycling, and housecleaning.

Sick of watching these payments steadily drip out of your bank account? Consider moving to something low-maintenance like a condo or new construction.

You’ve Built Up Enough Home Equity

Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and what you owe on it. Being in your home for at least five years is a good way to ensure you’ve built up enough equity to cover the cost of moving to a new home. At a minimum, you want to have enough to cover the current balance of your mortgage to avoid paying out of pocket.

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