30 Days of Thanks Begins With What We Love

#RWThanks is a month long celebration of what we as a company are grateful for.

We LOVE celebrating our agents’ successes because it means several things. Yes, every sale keeps the lights on and the phones ringing. Every closing keeps us as Hampton Roads Local Real Estate Leader. Every closing means that our agents and employees are able to provide for their own families.

But the best reason we love celebrating our agents’ successes is that it means our team has found a home for a family. Home means so many things, the place where you lay your head at night, share a meal with friends and family, or watch a favorite team win the game. Every single day our agents and property managers work to find great homes for clients throughout Hampton Roads.

Here are three great examples:

Paul Usewicz from our Holland Road Office is a member of the PerfectHouse Team and he helped Dave and Lori find a great condo on the beach

Paul Usewicz

Steve Flippin from our Peninsula Office helped the Fields family find their home with the help of Billy Sweeney from Advance Financial Group and Jody Jones from Advance Title and Abstract

steve flippin group shot

Terri Grim from the Lynnhaven Office celebrated her first closing with a first time home buyer and Bill Weakley from Advance Financial Group

Terri Grim and Bill Weakley