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3 Ways to Organize Hats

From winter caps to keep you warm to baseball caps in the summer, hats are a year-round accessory. The challenge is that it can be tricky to keep hats organized and not falling all over your closet. We found some great ideas for hat storage on our Pinterest page.

Picket Fence Hat Rack


Love this idea from MyRepurposeLife.com, reclaimed picket fence gets new life into a cute storage solution.

Ready to Buy but Full of Style Solution


If you want style but you’re don’t want the fuss of a DIY solution this hat rack from Digg Digg is beautiful.

Closet Solution

Maybe you don’t want your hats front and center like our last two options. That’s okay, this next project will easily and affordably organize hats within a closet.

We love the solution from Passion Pink and Pearls. Simple curtain rods with clear shower rings – each hat is hung on a ring. This is an easy to do storage solution.

hat holder

There are many more options – but these are cute, easy, and will help get this one aspect of your wardrobe organized.